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     Our coin shop buys and sells all amounts of gold and silver. American Eagles, Krugerrands, Maple Leafs, all Foreign Gold, 90% Silver Coins, Bars, Rounds... these are just some examples. $10 or $1,000,000, our friendly service is the same. Our prices are the most competitive in the US. We also pay Big $$ for all rare coins!
      To assure customer privacy, all office visits are by appointment only. We're available 9am - 7pm daily.

Large Local Inventory
     We keep a large inventory of gold coins, silver coins and silver bars. You can take immediate possession when you buy gold or buy silver at our Venice coin shop location.
     Acceptable forms of payment are personal checks, bank checks and bank wires. We also accept up to $10,000 cash with any given purchase.

Large Inventory
Scrap Gold and Jewelry Buyers
     There are approximately 175 stores buying gold in Sarasota County. Our store pays up to TWO times what they pay! Keep on reading.
     We encourage you to call any of our competitors to get a scrap gold quote. Ask them, "What are you paying for 14 karat gold per gram or pennyweight?". After you get a price tell them "thank you". Then follow the simple steps on our "Live Price Calculator" to see what price we pay. You will see a BIG difference! We're able to pay you much more because we don't have their large overhead expenses and believe in making less profit.
     Most gold buying stores won't give you a price per gram or pennyweight over the phone. They do this to lure you into their stores. We publish our prices so you can see for yourself how much more we pay.
     It doesn't matter what kind of old gold you have... smashed or mashed. You still get top dollar. For nice jewelry and diamonds we pay even more. We've been buying gold and jewelry for over 30 years and believe in honest pricing.
     Items we buy are: scrap gold, old jewelry, dental gold, anything made of gold. We buy sterling silverware, tea sets, flatware, anything made of sterling silver. We pay premium prices for diamonds and expensive jewelry.

Professional Buyers of Coin Collections
   With over 40 years experience we at USA Silver And Gold Exchange pride ourselves on being able to offer the highest prices available for your rare coins. Paper money collections, rare coin collections, big or small, we purchase them all.
of the 3 - 5 day wonder shows where they take full page adds in the newspapers telling you what prices they pay for rare coins. We offer up to 3 - 6 times as much cash for your rare coins than they do !!

Downtown Venice Location
     Our main office is on Venice Island. Get directions and see our "map" page for the exact location. Very easy to find. We also make house calls upon request. To assure customer privacy, all office visits are by appointment only.
USA Silver And Gold Exchange, Venice FL
serving Sarasota, Venice, North Port and Englewood